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It says the battery on this watch is...

It says the battery on this watch is rechargable, but a question about that: Does the watch come packaged with a charger and or charger adapters (i.e. AC, 12V, etc.?). Additionally, if it only comes with a USB cord meant for charging purposes, are there adapters that are sold separately which are USB-compatible that you could use when you aren't going to be around a computer for weeks at a time?

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It comes with a cable for charging/data, and you can get AC/USB adapters for less than ten bucks. Chances are you already have one, actually, from an iPod or iPhone or some other phone. My Samsung came with one.

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Angus, thanks for the answer, but I must insist on inquiring further. Are you saying that if I already have a an AC/12V charger, I can just use that and attach the included cord to it to charge the watch when necessary? Also, one more thing, is the charger a mini or micro USB plug?