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It looks like the fuel line overlaps the...

It looks like the fuel line overlaps the burner. Is this actually correct and doesn't it cause problems or risk?

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Hi Shawn,

That's normal and completely safe. Nothing to worry about at all. It's called a generator tube. What it does is allow the fuel to be preheated and vaporized prior to being expelled from the jet. When a liquid fuel is vaporized, it burns more cleanly and efficiently. Primus has been making stoves since the 1800s...longer than anybody.

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shawn,its supposed to be like that.all fuels have a gaseous threshold for a given pressure relative to temperature.the distance between molecules determines the physical state of the substance ie solid,liquid,gas.they are all different.most people dont realize there are different formulations of canister gasses available for your stove.i ndont want to get into it here but i can tell you.the proportions of the gasses and the operating temperatures determine how long you can operate for a given ambient temperature whatever

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shawn i forgot to tell you,the component fuels with the lowest boiling points tend to burn off first in lower ambients so if youre operating in low temps the percentage of your lowest temp fuel will gas off first then sequentially each remainding fuel with increasing boiling points.out