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It looks like, from the photo's, that at...

It looks like, from the photo's, that at the bottom where you can put your sleeping pad, that those straps are very short. Has anyone who owns this had problems with big pads being able to fit?

Also i can't tell from the photo, but on the front compartment, does the zipper go all the way down on one side, or is it just a short zipper accesss from the top? Also, it doesnt look like there is a very big pocket on the lid. How big is it? Does anyone have any clue or guess at how many L the main compartment can hold - not inlcuding all the pockets?

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The straps at the bottom are 12 inches long, and will fit around pads up to 4 inches wide.
As far as the zipper, it is relatively short.
But the pocket in the lid is fair sized- about 375cu in