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It is stated that these glasses have the...

It is stated that these glasses have the 580 series lenses but the black frames have the amber lens which only is available in the 400 series as listed at the following link:

Please clarify so that I can make a purchase quickly.

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Hi Seth,

The page you referenced on Costa's site is a bit outdated, as it does not show any of their 580p lenses. Costa recently added a new lens to their 580 lineup, the 580p Lens. The 580P offers the color clarity & quality that you have grown to love in the 580 glass lenses, but is now been placed in a Lightweight, Impact Resistant, and Coated for Durability polycarbonate lens. The Fantails on this page have the Costa 580P lens, which are available in Amber, Grey and Copper Tints.