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It is regressive and backwads to post...

It is regressive and backwads to post weights in Imperial units. On your web site,length is in metric, dimensions are metric, and turn radius is in metric. Weights should also be in metric, so that a) a potential buyer can easily make a comparison to other products and b) you at least give the impression you are a modern company operating in the 21st century.

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Sorry about that! Here is the break down for you:
164 cm - 99 Ounces
173 cm - 109 Ounces
182 cm - 118 Ounces
191 cm - 126 Ounces

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164 cm - 2806.6 Grams
173 cm - 3090.1 Grams
182 cm - 3345.24 Grams
191 cm - 3572.04 Grams

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i live in canada, we do lengths in metric but we still seem to do weight and height in lbs and feet. i don't mind the lbs. but you seem to have a strong view on this. lol

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Yeah, I agree with Ian, chill out. Degrees F, PSI and LBS dude, this is 'Merica!