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It?s Isobutane and butane the same thing?

It´s Isobutane and butane the same thing?
Will this stove wok with butane canisters?

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No. A butane canister is much like a hairspray bottle. They both have completely different connections and fuel mixes. The most important thing is that you make sure that the fuel canister you do get is a thread on like any Isobutane canister will be...not a punch on or a bottle tip insert, but thread on.

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That said, if you do get the right size container that happens to have butane in it (unlikely, but conceivable), it'll work. Butane burns sootier, but they're the same chemical. Isobutane is an isomer of butane; the difference being that butane creates carbon (soot/smoke) if there's not enough oxygen, which'll clog your stove. Isobutane doesn't do that. You're probably not even going to be able to find butane canisters that fit, so it shouldn't be an issue.