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Is this very warm? I live/ride in Montana...

Is this very warm? I live/ride in Montana and it gets cold as you know what sometimes, plus would it be worthy to wear casually? Since it fits under a helmet I'm thinking superthin and not very warm.....

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See my review above, its warm, but probably not warm enough for Montana. I found it not always warm enough for Southern California.

I doesn't look horrible without a helmet over it, but I don't think that I would wear it with non-cycling clothes.

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I love mine and ride in New England. I have worn it for 3.5 hour rides in below freezing windy days hitting 40 mph descents and been very comfortable. I was able to wear it on day in in the upper 30's, but there was really cold strong wind.

I was concerned that it would be too bulky but it fits under my helmet, just fine. Recommend it highly!