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Gear Question

Is this the newer model of the Stoic Tour...

Is this the newer model of the Stoic Tour (Item: SIC0031), how's this differ than the SE Pant? PS, glad to see the name back - I liked that goat.

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I think everyone liked the goat... Stoic really is no match for the goat. I get asked ALL THE TIME where my backcountry "goat" hoody came from, and its because of the goat.

I am positive I would not be asked at all where the Stoic pieces came from... Good luck with your question.

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the SE pant, special edition, is the schoeller version of the tour pant. same pant and cut, just using the schoeller materials... great you guys like the goat!

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I agree, the Goat is much much cooler then Stoic. Stoic reminds me of some stuffy German dood. The Goat makes me feel warm and fuzzy, not like Larzz, who just stares at me and scowls with an evil stoic look.

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Bring back the GOAT gear. Stoic seems too euro techno to me. I loved the goat logo and it felt like good ol' American Rocky Mountain goodness. We need a peoples protest movement to bring the Goat back.