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Is this the boot I need?

Two years ago I...

Is this the boot I need?

Two years ago I picked up the Burton Sabbaths off of a recommendation from a friend, but even though the size was right they ended up killing my feet. I stuck with them last year to try to pack them out a bit, but no luck.

This year I decided to go for the Driver X because of the support, stiffness, and responsiveness. Unfortunately, they ended up being too stiff for my wide feet- they didn't give at all.

Thanks to Dogfunk I was able to return them (love this place), but now I don't know where to go from here.

I like Burton boots due to comfort; I've tried a couple other brands and they just didn't feel right. Maybe that's just bias, I can't say for sure. But you should know when you try on the 'right' boot.

A former Burton employee at Mammoth CA recommended the SLX this year because the liner would conform a bit better to my wider foot than most of the other boots. The criteria for this boot matches my needs, but it's very expensive.

Help? Thanks

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The SLX is an insanely good boot! No doubt that it would give you the support and responsiveness you need!

Some of the boots that tend to fit a wider foot better are the non-speedzone boots. I would personally recommend the Burton Grail (the boot I ride -- I have a wider foot, too), Hail, or Shaun white boot. Those three boots tend to accommodate a wider foot much better. If you are just barely wider the SLX is absolutely phenomenal and will last a really really long time. The tech upgrades you get are well worth the price!

Make sure you do not buy the boot too small... go measure yourself on a brannock. Never go more than a half-size too small. I wear mine true to size and that can be the culprit for most foot pains!

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Harry, as you yourself have already found, poorly-fit boots can end-up "killing" your feet. Given that your only two points of contact to the board are your feet, I recommend you invest in the best-fitting, highest-end boot you can find, w/o way over-shooting your technical need (of course). If the Burton SLX made riding feel like sex for you, wouldn't you consider paying $600? Go for it!