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Is this suit warmer than the polyester air...

Is this suit warmer than the polyester air tech ninja suit? It's more expensive, so I'm thinking it is.

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Hey Elizabeth, thanks for the question.
Merino wool actually has a BUNCH of advantages over the polyester version, making it a bit higher in price point.
Merino is a natural and very soft wool fiber from the Merino sheep. It naturally resists odor and stink, unlike synthetics like polyester which start to smell funky pretty quick. Merino will also keep you much warmer than polyester. Another cool thing is that if the fabric becomes moist or wet (in case you get sweaty or you take a big digger in deep powder) the merino suit will continue to provide warmth, more so than synthetic fabrics.
Merino also wicks moisture away really quickly and it's a very soft and comfy fabric. When comparing my synthetic long underwear to my merino stuff, I always feel more comfortable and warm in Merino gear. I highly recommend this over the polyester version!