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Is this small enough to take as a...

Is this small enough to take as a carry-on?

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Matthew, this is just the right size for carry on. Meets all dimension requirements.

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hi there - this DID NOT fit in the overhead bins for me unless i used only one-half of the suitcase and neither of the exterior pockets. in my experience, if you cram everything into one half of the suitcase, it fits. BUT then an interior zipper and a mesh liner are straining under the pressure of cramming everything into one side - and they aren't designed for that. on my return flight i had to check the bag (for 25 bucks) and so i'm returning this suitcase. seems well built, rolls real nice, but doesn't work for me.

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Matthew: In Canada, max. size for carry-on is 21x15x9", in US it's 22x14x9", not sure about international. This is 22x13x10", so the trick is to not stuff it too full, and to be casual or get lucky while checking in.

Jen: I can't see how it would matter which side you put your stuff on, next time just spread the same stuff over both sides, and more to the point, put less in if you don't want to attract attention to yourself.