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Is this offered as a set of four, or do...

Is this offered as a set of four, or do you pay $11.90 per mug? The reason I ask is because the photo shows four colors, but the options gives you indicates that there is only "One Color." I thought maybe that's because these are sold as a set. Otherwise, you don't have a choice in color?

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Nope, just one at a time. Typically the warehouse guys will just pull whatever color comes up first, but I've sometimes placed an order by phone and requested something specific. They try their best, but it doesn't always happen. As for the "one color"- it could be that one or the other is all they have in stock, or that it's the grab bag. In either case, worth a quick call to clarify.

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Thanks for the helpful response. Not too concerned with the color choice, but I do need to order more than one mug.