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Is this jacket warm enough for Chicago...

Is this jacket warm enough for Chicago winters? Can't tell by the pic online. Reviews say its warm but also refer to the jacket as lightweight.

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Due to the differences between what one person considers warm and another would consider warm it's always hard to answer questions like these. This is also complicated as the jacket has limited information so I did some additional research for you.

This particular jacket utilizes 550 fill down, which is on the lower medium range of down. Generally the higher the number the higher the heat to weight ratio of down, and down is generally rated between 200 - 1000 on fill power.

In addition to this this jacket features sewn through seams. This creates pinched areas wherever stitching has occurred, and there is no insulation in these sewn areas creating spots for heat to escape.

While this jacket is compressible, and lightweight, not too mention of reliable quality as it is a North Face product, I would recommend it only for use with a waterproof/windproof jacket over it. If used on its own it may not provide adequate protection for Chicago, IL winter weather.