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Is this boot waterproof? I want to wear...

Is this boot waterproof? I want to wear it in WI while shoveling and snowshoeing but need a waterproof boot. Super cute so I hope it is.... Thanks!

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This Boot has a waterproof treatment to the fabric, but does not have a waterproof membrane. If you are shoveling in Wet snow, your feet will eventually be wet. The Waterproof coating may work for quick snow missions.


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This boot is more suited for regular everyday runs and citylife. I live in NYC. You need the Northface Greenland boot for shoveling and heavier life like snowshoeing and winter hiking. I sprint to the train station in the Nuptse. I love them. I have another pair that are almost exactly the Greenland (it has the fur around the top is all)and the damned things crush the thin layer of ice on the sidewalk (what a boot!).Imagine.