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Is this board ok for a beginner ? I have...

Is this board ok for a beginner ? I have been looking at either the Rome Manual wide or the Ride Kink Wide

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The Kink is a very forgiving board, so yes it would be an alright board to start out on. Altho pro's ride this deck aswell. If you want the Manual, you can also look at the Machine.I ride an 08 Rome Machine and I love that deck to death. Its held up on some pretty crazy missions, and is still kicking. Now I have ridden the Kink wide aswell and that deck is very nice for presses, jumps and its alright on steeps and trees. But yes the Kink would be a good deck to get you going. Also this deck is not a reverse cambered deck or anything like that, it is a traditional cambered deck, if that matters to you. If you go for a rocker, its way more forgiving that a traditional cambered deck. This being said tho, it makes it more 'loose' feeling or more 'noodley'. Some people who start off on those will never go back to a traditional cambered deck bec of the way it feels. But either one will do just fine. I would say the Kink is a bit softer than the Manual, and you get added 'slime walls' with the Kink, whitch are really nice when you are riding park or flying at high speed on hard pack. Its pretty much a dampening strip, for less chatter, that runs along the side wall. Hope this helps