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Is this board good for powder and the rest...

Is this board good for powder and the rest of the mountain too?

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This is a directional twin board. Here's the break Down:

Directional boards are designed to go in one direction, therefore the have a slightly skinnier tail then the do nose. Also, the core of the board is designed to go in one direction

Twin tip boards are perfectly mirrored... equal width at the tip and tail. these are designed to go in both directions, and are optimized with a centered stance.

Directional twin boards, such as this one, have equal tips and tails, but have the core of a directional board, and your stance will be set towards the tail a little more. this means that you can mount your bindings towards the rear of the board for cruising powder, and still ride switch in the park.

This type of board is great if you like to ride the whole mountain, powder, all of the above...but if you find your self stomping floaty back ones to can ride out clean :)

Hope this helped