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Is this beacon now out-dated? I was reading...

Is this beacon now out-dated? I was reading the CAA gear recommendations and it says that single-antenna receivers are obsolete (

I've taken avy-courses and played with one of my friends analog beacons a few times and the operation seems logical and straight-forward to me, certainly no harder than a digital beacon. How about having only one-antenna and multiple burials? Should I be concerned about those?

Thanks everyone, keep earning those turns.

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I call bullshit on that one. Sure dual-antennae beacons give you better accuracy, but I've used single-antenna beacons for years, and I can crank down on multiple targets within minutes consistently. Practice, practice, practice...Some of us with experience using any 457kHz transceiver, are better than somebody with all the digital technology in the world that has no idea what they're doing. A 'smarter' beacon does not necessarily translate into a competent operator, especially in a critical situation. Earn those turns and be mindful of where you are and who you ski with. That's my opinion anyway.

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Thanks Phil,

How does it do in multiple burial situations? My understanding is that the signal will jump back and forth between targets, which could be quite troublesome.