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Is this a stiff ski?

Currently I am on...

Is this a stiff ski?

Currently I am on '09-'10 Armada El Rey skis, I like them, but they are too flexy for me.

I want a more aggressive ski, would this be a good fit? I want to be able to ski absolutely everything, all snow conditions, all places on the mountain, send small/medium drops, with an emphasis on tree skiing. Is this ski a good choice?

My skis now have cap construction, I wanted to go to sidewall construction for better edge hold on harder surfaces, but would this ski do the job?


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The Shogun is pretty stiff and has a lot of camber. It has a long radius and needs some speed to come alive. They are more more forgiving than something with metal like my Kendos, but on harder snow take more work to get the tails to slide around through tight spots and bumps. More of a charger than a carefree messing around ski in my opinion. Fairly light with lots of snap. I generally prefer my i-rocks in anything more than 3" fresh. hope this helps.