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Is this a good cruiser for a kid?


Is this a good cruiser for a kid?

I'm looking for a cruiser for a 7-Year-Old. He can skate on his cruddy toys-r-us, but just barely. He's pretty big for his age. He wants a board that will glide smoother and not fall into cracks. I'm only looking at shorter, lighter boards. Between this and something like the Speed Demon Cazh, would a wider board/ bigger wheels help or harm for a kid who's learning? When I was his age (in the 70s), I learned on a banana cruiser and it was a blast!

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this is a cruiser board but the board your sone is probably skatin on is a short 32 in trick short board . but these kind of oards are just for cruising and very limeted tricked for the more advanced skaters.