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Is there any way that backpack hip belt...

Is there any way that backpack hip belt damage jacket when wearing heavy stuff since it do not have traditional hip belt? How this pack carry ski or board since I do not see it as a good support pack to carry heavy stuff. Thx

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I can see that unpadded waist belt wearing through shell over time. That surprises me, considering the premium you pay for Arc'teryx.

For high activity and heavy weight I'd stick with a proper padded waist belt.

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Agree with you Pat.

I wonder how comfortable is pack when wearing ski or snowboard and using non padded waist belt.

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This pack is not meant for that. It's a minimalist pack. I have an early version (the RT25) with an unpadded belt. I wouldn't worry about wearing a shell unless you are really overloading the pack.

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I have no problems with the hip belt on this pack and I regularly use to carry my skis. The support is fine, I have not experienced any soreness (I normally ski with just a base layer and a shell) and there are no signs of wear on my shell after 2 years of use.
To temper this, I would say that I generally think that most hip belts are overly padded so if you are of a sensitive nature then perhaps disregard my opinion.

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Depends on what kind of shell you're wearing! Arc'teryx Gore-Tex hard shells use extremely abrasion resistant face fabrics. You will not wear a hole through them with this hip belt.

Regarding comfort, there are essentially two bolsters created with the design of this pack. Allowing the pack to wrap around your lower back, giving it a very comfortable and stable fit.