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Is there any kind of fuel can you carry...

Is there any kind of fuel can you carry on an airplane for the Primus OmniFuel stove?

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Most countries and airlines do not allow any type of combustible materials on planes - and all fuel for this stove would fall under that category. Exceptions to this would be some private planes, maybe chartered flights, bush flights dropping you off in the middle of the woods/mountains, etc. However, if you were to take this to another country - you could either buy the standard lindal valve canisters there OR you could take your own fuel bottle with you, and fill it up with pretty much anything that burns in your destination. If you choose option B - make sure your fuel bottle AND stove are as clean as possible. Any fuel residue left over might cause TSA or a like security agency to pull the bottle and maybe even the stove. Hope that helps.

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Rob, I've travelled quite a bit with cookers but there is no airline that I am aware of that allows any kind of fuel. Since 9/11 they've even disallowed matches and cigarette lighters. So it is compulsory you purchase fuel once arrived at the destination country. However, this is not always straight-forward depending on the country: either fuels are branded differently (e.g. ColemanFuel is named Shelllite in Australia) or your destination speaks a different language (US 'white gas' can be replaced by 'solvente industrial' in Argentina).
When travelling in aeroplanes we have the OnmiFuel fuel container (but only the container) in our carry-on luggage (yes!). We empty it beforehand of course and rinse it with water and baking powder with take the fuely smell off it. If you pack it into your check-in luggage then they might see the bottle in the X-ray and pull your luggage apart just to be sure that the container is empty — or they might even page you or hold back your luggage.