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Is there a volume control on the wire?...

Is there a volume control on the wire? could I wear this under a full face helmet?

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Hey GG,

The Skullcandy Chops In-Ear Buds with Mic3 does incorporate Skullcandy's Mic3 which is a 3 button remote that works volume, play/pause, track skipping and answering/hanging up a phone call.

Also, you could most likely fit them underneath a full face helmet. You would need to put the chops on first before the helmet and make sure that the Mic3 is in a reachable spot.

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Bought them and they dont fit under a helmet and the volume control wont work with my HTC phone.

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any headphones with the triple indent or with a mic will only work with apple products bc phones like androids arent made for them.