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Is there a marked difference b/w this boot...

Is there a marked difference b/w this boot & the more expensive Titan TF-X? ie. would I get a lot more out of the TF-X?... I intend to use either of these boots with Dynafit bindings & Black Crows Corvus 175 skis (135-105-126) - backcountry set up for Australia / New Zealand. Thanks in advance...oh, I weigh 75kgs & ski fairly aggressively, 35+ years skiing. Thanks again :-)

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The biggest difference is stiffness. Although I hate to use them as there are no standards, the flex index for the Titan is about 120-130. This Zzeus is more like 100-110. Your decision will depend on what you're used to (what you like), how aggressive you ski and you in-bounds vs. out-of-bounds mix. Hope this helps.

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Sandy> I'm 209lb heavy guy and prefere skiing 60% resort, 40% backcountry/freeride, my set is Line Prophet 100 + Marker Baron and want to go in ZZeus. Will they hold me in every situation - in resort it doesn't mather but in downhill/powder because I heard that they are not som stiff due to that new shell material which change it's stiffnes according to temperature