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Is there a detatchable compartment for...

Is there a detatchable compartment for hanging food in bear country? I know the lid detatches, but is it big enough for a weeks worth of food?

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No, you maybe able to keep your toothpaste and first aid kit in there. But a weeks worth of food for me, would never fit in there. When I am in bear country. I take a hard walled food barrel..
you are probably best getting a rollable dry sac to hang overnight. Then place in your pack or carry separately

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Like Dwayne says, it won't hold a week's worth of food. It actually detaches so it can be used as a lumbar/day pack using the waist belt that stashes away. Store your toothpaste with your food though. The standing rule of thumb is that if it goes in your mouth or on your skin, it has a scent, and it should be treated as a food item. I've seen packs torn to pieces because of sun screen left inside. Just about any stuff sack will work for hanging food, as long as you can get it up 12'.