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Is the mesh 'no-see-um-proof? and has it...

Is the mesh 'no-see-um-proof? and has it proved to be durable? Also, are there any seams running along the bottom of the floor of the tent? Thanks!!

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Yes, the mesh is no-see-um proof. Yes, there is a seam running across the floor, but it's sealed and has never been an issue. Still, get and use the footprint. Four years, moderate to heavy use, a little worse for wear, but all in all, durable. We've got 3 BA tents. If I wasn't happy, we would have stopped at one.

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Nothing gets through the screen. The floor is "tub walled" and of course I have set it up, in what seemed to be a great area, till the creek formed underneath, stayed perfectly dry. You will want a footprint, adds years to its life