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Is the inside pocket for a shovel or not?...

Is the inside pocket for a shovel or not? I have seen different answers. Personally, I have been using the pocket for my Black Diamond Deploy 7 shovel. Only the top of the handle sticks out of the pocket. I feel that by using the pocket for the shovel it gives me more space overall.

According to Arc' it says that it has an internal shovel pocket, which makes me think it is made for a shovel blade. Brandon Carlile, guessing you are a Arc'teryx rep and based on a previous answer you gave to someone you recommended the shovel be placed towards the outside of the pack and clothes in the pocket.

Pack Pocket Configuration

* Faux lid pocket
* Internal security pocket
* Internal probe/ tool pocket
* Front security pocket
* Internal shovel pocket

Just curious if anyone knows for sure what the pocket was actually designed for. Thanks.