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Is the bottom "butt area" part of this...

Is the bottom "butt area" part of this coat the same width approximately as the chest? In other words is the bottom when zipped on the large the same size across as a large chest size? Or does it taper down to be very narrow at the bottom? It does not appear from the photos to do this but since I'm female and women's never have a long enough sleeve or torso, I need to know. Thanks!

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It tapers down and the waist fits slimmer than the shoulders. That was my issue with the tailoring. At 5'8" 155lbs the small fit me best but the waist was super slim when I zipped it up. When I put on a medium the waist fit better, but shoulders were super big on me like I had shoulder pads. I found the jacket too puff ball like to be used comfortably unless the wearer was just standing in the cold for a long time. Movement was uncomfortable because of the fit.