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Is the Stoke setup to work with the Radical...

Is the Stoke setup to work with the Radical line of bindings or the Vertical / Comfort line? There is the 5th hole in the middle of the toepiece, but I can't tell if my Speed Radicals will actually mount up.

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Hi Omar-
The new Radical only has 4 holes, with the rear ones in same location as all other Dynafit bindings. The front holes are the same distance apart as all other Dynafit bindings, but are located 12 mm forward of the old hole location. So, they will absolutely work in one position. If you want to mess around with the positioning on the ski, you may need to drill a pair of holes in addition to using two of the insert holes for the toepiece. Dynafit suggests in their labeling that they don't warranty for mounting using inserts for the Radical series, just the Vertical FT/ST/Comfort. That being said, the blogger community has written quite a bit about the Radicals with inserts and consensus seems to be yes, as long as you're cool with the one mounting position that fits the pattern.