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Is the Mega Warrior too big for a 2006...

Is the Mega Warrior too big for a 2006 Jeep Liberty? Should I go with the Load Warrior?

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Your first step should be getting your roof dimensions, but having a rough idea of the size of your Liberty, I know that it's going to absolutely cover the majority of top of it. The Mega Warrior can be scaled down to essentially a 4" wider version of the Load Warrior by just removing 4 screws. It's nice to have the option of using it either way. A lot depends on your load requirements. The Mega holds a lot of gear, but the Load Warrior never quite seems to hold enough and requires some creative packing to keep the load lower in profile. I use mine on an Xterra, and in the Mega Warrior configuration, set behind my factory gear basket, it goes right to the back hatch. All that said, if your Liberty's dimensions can handle the size, and for what's currently a really small price difference, go with the Mega. And you'll definitely want to throw a gear net on top of it. Hope this helps you out.