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Is condensation a big problem in this tent?...

Is condensation a big problem in this tent? Anyone own it? Experiences?

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Meg, check out this link to It has ten more reviews on this tent that will help you get a better opinion on the tent and condensation.

As with all single wall tents, you will experience condensation. Whether it's a big problem or not will vary with each person. I own a 2 person single wall and whenever it rains or is cold and humid, I will have some condensation on the inside. When this happens, I use the MSR Packtowel to wipe down the condensation, or I just wait until it evaporates. If I'm expecting to spend several nights in the backcountry and expect more than 1-2 night of rain, I pack my double-wall tent.

If you are expecting to use your tent where it will be raining frequently and/or humid, you will be a lot more comfortable getting a double-wall tent.