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Is a model-specific rainfly available? ...

Is a model-specific rainfly available? Is a larger size hip belt that is Deva-specific available and interchangeable? (say, a medium or large)

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Model Specific, no. Gregory makes a general pack cover though, which can be found here:
I would suggest a small size, or a medium if you think you might be attaching things to the outside of your pack.

Any other general pack cover from another company, like sea-to-summit, should also work just as well:
I would suggest a medium for that brand.

The hip belt should be sized appropriately with the pack size that you buy, but if you find that it is not you can buy a differently sized hip belt. Backcountry does not seem to have any in stock, but REI sometimes does, though I do not believe they are model specific. If you contact Gregory directly you may also be able to purchase one from them, though the don't have them listed on their website.