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I want to use this bladder...


I want to use this bladder in my winter pack. I can't find tube insulation from Osprey (to keep from freezing). Any other brand that might fit?

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I would wait a couple more weeks. Osprey is rolling out a new-for-Fall insulated delivery system. It should be available soon (fall product usually starts rolling out ~end August/early September).

It is basically a reflective element that slips over the tube and then has a zippered compartment that closes around the bite valve too (so it will insulate even your bite valve). Neoprene is pretty bad at insulating, so Osprey chose to use a reflective closed cell foam that not only insulates, but also takes a small amount of your body heat and reflects that onto the hose.

Did I mention it also comes with a sternum strap attachment so you can retrofit it to your Raptor? It's pretty great.