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In the Guru Photo above, the dimensions...

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In the Guru Photo above, the dimensions depicts both vestibules as the same size. I just received the tent and the graphics on the tag (the round cardboard "sales" info) on the tent show the rear is smaller. Is this just left over from the 2011 model or, is the rear vestibule actually smaller?

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It is 2012 inventory. The hangtag may be an old tag that was from the 2011 printing. But if you set it up it should have equal vestibules.

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It depends what you paid for it. has two tents listed, the 2011 version of the Carbon Reflex 2 and the 2012 version. If you purchased the tent at 30% off retail, then you most likely got the 2011 version which has one door, one large vestibule and one smaller vestibule in the back of the tent. If you paid $499, then you got the latest version which has two doors and two vestibules. You can see the 2011 version here: