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In terms of images and reviews, it seems...

In terms of images and reviews, it seems that the information on this Bivy is rather limited. I understand that in terms of the materials used, this is "waterproof." However, the only single image that I can find online shows the exposed mesh area towards the shoulder area. I am looking for a four season (or at least fall winter spring) bivy that can handle all weather conditions. Does this feature allow water to pour right in, making it rather useless without a rain fly as the image suggests, or is there some sort of cover for the mesh area?

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I haven't had mine in the rain yet, but the mesh portion is not really facing upwards... the waterproof fabric comes down over the mesh, and up from below, so that if the meshed section were the letter Z the top and bottom would be the waterproof part, and the slant section would be the mesh.

I'm not so sure I would stay bone dry in a hard storm in this thing, but I think should do well enough.