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I'm wondering what size compression sack...

I'm wondering what size compression sack would I need for this bag?

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This is an exceptionally big bag with a big stuff sack. The dimensions of the factory sack are 9.5x19" (approx 1375 cubic inches), and the best rule is to start there with a compression sack size that's equal to or greater than what the factory provides. I'll go ahead and use the Sea to Summit Event Dry Sack for reference (item# STS0002). The Large at 9x20" will work with some effort in stuffing, but I would go ahead and size up to the XL at 10.5x23"- you won't loose any ability to max out the bag's ultimate compression, but stuffing it and rolling over the top of any waterproof sack to make the proper closure will be infinitely easier. I've spent too many years wishfully thinking by trying to cram too many pieces of soft gear into too small a sack to think any differently...I used to spit and swear a lot. Just so you know though- compressing down is cool to do and nice (especially with such a bulky piece of gear), but it does eventually beat the crap out of the down and its loft- Something to consider with $700 worth of sleeping bag in the mix. Hope this helps you out.