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I'm wondering if anyone knows if this...

I'm wondering if anyone knows if this jetboil lights well at elevation? 14,000 plus.

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HI Karen,

"Lights" as in how using the push button ignition goes?: No, it doesn't, bring a lighter. No electronic ignitions on any stove do at that altitude. Also, depending on what the temperature is during the time of year you plan on using it at 14k, Isobutane begins to burn very poorly below about 25 degrees F. The altitude and colder temps make either a stove that burns white gas or at least one that allows you to invert the canister better choices, IMO. Another thing to consider is that the volume of the cup is generally what many would consider too small to melt enough snow for drinking water and cooking without going through lots of fuel and long burn times. Snow is 90% air, 10% water, and the recommended fill line of the cup is half way. Hope this helps.