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I'm wondering how the fit for this jersey...

I'm wondering how the fit for this jersey is. I just measured my chest, came up just shy of 42 inches... but it's not the fit in the chest I'm worried about. I'm wondering how this is going to fit over the beer gut I've aquired all winter. I normaly wear mens large with normal clothing so I'm inclined to go with an XL on this jersey, but I'm worried if I do that that the arms might be a bit long. Any suggestions?

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I'm 5'11" and weigh 180 (same situation with the beer gut) and I got the XL. The sleeves and length are a tad long for me (which I don't mind) and the fit in the belly is taught without being restricting. So, it depends on your height at this point. The XL will probably be comfortable but if you prefer the wrapped fit, you should probably consider the L.

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This is a pro-fit jersey. SCSI is correct; if you are concerned about the fit across the mid-section, you should go XL.