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I'm trying to decide between the Firstlight...

I'm trying to decide between the Firstlight and the Highlight. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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The Firstlight is what I've packed for about 3 years now. It is a great little tent. I am female 5'5" and this tent has served me well on two week long hikes of the rugged Loyalsock Trail in PA and many other short backpacking trips. It packs easily, and into a small sack, holds up in thunderstorms, and can be set up from the inside. The biggest difference I can see in the two selections you mentioned is that the entry and opposite window are head/toe on the Firstlight and side/side on the other. Happy trails!

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What did you decide? I am trying to decide between the two and am gearing toward Highlight.

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Go with the Firstlight if you haven't already. I faced that same issue when buying mine. When I was in the Sangre de Cristo I ran into a guy with a HiLight and I am glad I choose the Firstlight. Its alot more compact and easier to set up (I think the Firstlight is the apex of easy set up for a tent). If your a taller person or looking too fit two people with room, go with the HiLight. Anyway you choose, they are both good tents.