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I'm trying to compare this jacket to the...

I'm trying to compare this jacket to the Gamma MX hoody. I have a Gamma MX hoody sitting in my closet with the tags still on it at the moment and am trying to decide if I should keep it or look into the Gamma SL Hybrid hoody.

I am planning on some alpine climbing and snow shoe winter activities, and would also like to know if you could wear this for skiing. Also, I own an Alpha LT hardshell which layers well over the Gamma MX however I am wondering how the Alpha LT would layer over the Gamma SL Hybrid Hoody - would the Gamma SL Hybrid hoody breathe ok under the hardshell?

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The Gamma SL Hybrid is quite different from the Gamma MX. SL is a lightweight softshell that blocks some wind and light moisture, but doesn't insulate since it isn't built with the fleece that lines the inside of the Gamma MX. I'd say if you're looking for a softshell primarily for winter conditions, the Gamma MX is your tool. For warmer weather, and things like summer alpine climbing, the Gamma SL would excel. Either will layer well with the Alpha LT

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I have the Gamma MX hoody, and have used it for 7 years I think. But, apart from ski touring in -10 C and colder, I find it too hot for me. I just ordered this jacket ($170 on sale) from a web store here in Norway. I'm excited to try it out.