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I'm teach Kindergarten to 5th grade music,...

I'm teach Kindergarten to 5th grade music, and we normally sit in a circle on the floor during class. I was wondering if these chairs would work as comfortable support for the kids' backs, but could also be quickly put away when we got up to do movement activities. Also, would they be durable enough to stand up to being used for five 50 minute classes of children each day?

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These chairs are great for back support, and, if you have the funds to get one for every student would for sure hold up to the serious abuse kids can dish out. They are also super easy to fold up and stow away, I'm picturing a long hook to hang them from their carrier handles.
I'm a teacher, too, and that sounds like a good idea EXCEPT.... these chairs would be very "fun" for the kids. When you sit down they lean back a bit and you can easily tilt your whole body back to rest just on your butt. I can totally picture kids rocking back and forth in these things, some falling backwards, possibly getting hurt. I feel like it would be more of a distraction for them than a comfort. And I think the kindergarten kids would be a bit too small to fit in the chair properly.
Excellent idea, though! Let me know if it works! :)