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I'm still trying to find a replacement for...

I'm still trying to find a replacement for my old Montrail Diez Vista's, does any know if this is it?

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The Mountain Masochist is a lighter weight shoe than the Diez Vista, your foot would sit lower to the ground in the shoe than in the Diez Vista, and it still has a medial post like the Diez Vista. Not as big a medial post but none the less it is present. With that said that is where the similarities end. Ultimately it is a very different shoe but might be worth a try. Also, check out the non-GoreTex version of the Mountain Masochist as well.

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it's worth trying the masochist but i'd say you also won't get the stability in the platform that the diez vista had either. the masochist is much less stable, and thus light and agile!