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I'm, sorry for the stupid question, but...

I'm, sorry for the stupid question, but can I wear these tights as an outer wear in the mountain? Or they are more like an advanced thermal basic wear? I want to try hiking during the winter and I'm searching for an elastic tights/leggings that I can wear, because I like feeling free while walking and the winter pants can't provide me with this comfort.

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i'm not sure what do you mean outer wear - very sorry because i don't have winter here in singapore. if you wonder can you wear something inside this tights (means this tights is worn on the outside), then i think the answer maybe no - to check with CW-X to confirm. but i think you can wear something over this tights. :)

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Hello Elena, you would not want to wear anything under these tights, as they are tight, and having them over your direct skin is how they do their job of maximum insulation. It is no problem to layer over the tights, however. They make a great 'baselayer' under ski pants, and will keep you nice and warm without adding bulk underneath a pair of ski pants. They are also great for running in, without needing to put anything additional over them.