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I'm seeing mixed reviews regarding the use...

I'm seeing mixed reviews regarding the use of this board. It was sold to my GF as a great board to take everything, steeps, chutes, glades, gromers, etc...but I am seeing it listed as a park board? Will this board hold it's own all over the mountain?

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Although filled as a twin, I know many ladies that ride it all over the mountain, park to backcountry steeps. Combine camber under foot/Frostbite for the harder packed days with all the benefits of reverse camber that will float in pow.

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I have this board, and I love it. It does makes things easier to learn in the park, and butters and rolls are a breeze. I ride it all mountain, not including back country. I have had trouble with the board chattering and slipping out while carving at high speeds. This board is definitely not made for that. It should be fine all mountain, especially if your girlfriend is just learning.

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@Zoe - Thanks for the review. She has been riding for about 10 years so she's on the intermediate/ advanced level, doesn't do park riding as much as grommers, some steeps, chutes, glades and natty terrain but she is into freestyle, she was riding a ride solace for the past 5 seasons. What year is your board? I read that it used to be a v-rocker, but since last year they changed it to flying V adding the camber underfoot and frostbite edges to help with that stability on turns... thanks again for your input :)