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I'm really intrigued by the continuous...

I'm really intrigued by the continuous baffle construction. Any testimonies to how well people like this? Does the down shift much in the middle of the night? I'm used to opening my bag up to use as a down comforter on warmer nights, and am debating if I want to go with a continuous baffle or divided bag from WM.

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Get the continuous baffle! Its far warmer for little more weight. Basically there is a bit of mesh between each section rather than being sown though.

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I agree with Kurt. With a 4" loft bag like this, you don't have to worry much about down shifting (unless you sleep vertically like Batman). Go with the continuous baffle, the sewn through option creates cold spots where the bag is sewn, and is really only necessary when a bag has VERY little down in it (like the WM highlite). This bag has the perfect amount of down for its temp rating and I've never had any problems with down being in the wrong spot.

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Continuous baffle construction is far superior than any sewn through option. Baffles aren't a negative, in fact he baffle gives the sleeper more options. Trust me, down will not move or shift during the night. I'm not even sure it would hinder batman all to much. You can make down shift if you want to, but it takes some significant effort. Sometimes I like to pack a little more on the sides so the top can breath a little bit better. If you just shake your bag a few times with the help of a friend, the down will settle back down evenly again and you're ready to go

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I have one and love it. The advantage of the continuous baffle, is that you can shake the down to one side of the bag, Hint! move the down to the side that you are not going to compress with your body weight. Use a good quality pad (or two) and then you will have all of the down insulation where it will do the most good!