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I'm planning to travel North-, South- and...

I'm planning to travel North-, South- and Central america with 3 kites for kitesurfing size 7, 10 and 14 m2, 2 bars with lines off course and 1 trapez. Besides this ordinary close on the go. Do you think it will fit in to this bag?

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That's a lot of kite. I'd do a test to see how compact those kites can pack. Use your kite bag or borrow a friend's backpack to experiment. Also might want to check with the kite-maker to see if there are any problems squeezing them super tight i.e. air bladder problems, and definitely would want any battens to be removable.

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Buy a Black Diamond haul bag- "Zion"

its hugh and far cheaper than the Osprey pack your about to waste $$$ on.