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I'm new to the slopes so go easy on me...

I'm new to the slopes so go easy on me with the question I'm about to ask.
What is the purpose of the climbing skins?

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Great question Kris! Skins are for those who ski without a ski lift or who need to ascend some snow using only human power. They have a sticky side that sticks to the base of your skis (or in this case, splitboard). The other side has little hairs on it. Originally skins were made of animal skin, so think of a deer - when you rub one way it feels smooth and when you rub the other way the hairs catch and are not smooth. When you attach the skin to your ski, you slide them uphill in the smooth direction, then the little hairs grip the snow and allow you to walk up the hill by sliding your skis up. When you get to the top, you peel the skin off and ski down.

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Thanks Mark! That's a great answer. May have to get some for the future trips.