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I'm looking for just an incredibly warm...

I'm looking for just an incredibly warm shell that would work with an Atom LT if needed. In Chicago and do a lot of walking outside with negative temperatures. I don't want all the bulk as I wear professional clothes underneath but I'm prioritizing warmth over my attire finally. Looking at the Fission SL or the Mako. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey Levi, Take a look at the Fission SV or the Khuno. Both of these are warmer and with less ski features that may be in the way if you're wearing it around town. For comparision, the Mako has 100gm Coreloft, the Khuno 140 and seam taped Windstopper, with the longest cut, and the Fission SV, 200gm and GoreTex proshell.

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Tried the Fission SV and it was just way to bulky although I could see it as very warm. Also looked at the Khuno and really prefer a full Gore-Tex exterior for the money being spent. I figure its worth a bit more at these price points. Thanks for the input as I did check them out. Still weighing between Fission SL and Mako. Also, not against a Theta AR and Hyllus combo. Not sure and would like some feedback from any experts out there.