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I'm looking for an absolute BOMBproof shell...

I'm looking for an absolute BOMBproof shell that can be very cool on hot humid days. I do field work regularly in dense undergrowth and am still trying to find the perfect jacket that keeps me as cool as possible but will also live up to tons of abuse. Any recommendations? Is this jacket good in really hot jungle-comparable weather?

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Wow! Tall order! The more bombproof you want it, the more dense the fabric - ie hotter than you are talking about. You need it waterpoof? The Mentor is 40denier and 70 denier face fabric with Gore ProShell laminate, while the Furio Jacket from OR is all 70 Denier (D) face fabric with Gore PacLite. The lightest Gore version from OR would be the Foray Jacket, Gore PacLite with a 40 D face fabric. So tell me more about your needs, but hard to have "cool" and "durable." By the way, all three of these jackets have side zips for torso-flow, which will help to dump heat quickly. An OR - exclusive feature!