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I'm looking for a shoe to use canyoneering...

I'm looking for a shoe to use canyoneering but also for other hikes as well. Do you think these will be ruined by walking in knee deep water?

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Probably. If I were you, I would just walk around with them on land, but for water take them off and go barefoot. And those "waterproof" shoes tend to stink after they've been in water for more than a few seconds.

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Hi Tay,
I think getting these shoes wet will definitely change the nature of the upper material (suede). I've found when leather gets wet it typically gets very stiff and the shoe becomes pretty uncomfortable.

For canyoneering I recommend the Five Ten Canyoneers or Savants. Both have Five Ten Stealth rubber soles that stick better than any other approach shoe I've worn, and stick well on wet rock. I particularly like the Savants because the upper is a more ventilated mesh that's light and dries quickly.

Good luck finding a good shoe for canyons!