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Gear Question

I'm looking for a rash guard for diving...

I'm looking for a rash guard for diving in water below 78 degrees and then getting out in 80 plus for the boat ride back. Is this the right product?

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Comfort is such a personal thing, but I think you would be happy with product. We (my whole family) use hydroskins for kayaking. Were we spend our summer on the river, much of the water is dam release and the water is cold year round. But, you want to be comfortable when your not in the water. NRS hydroskins are what we use. I do prefer the short sleeve, but I also have on my PFD that provides additional insulation for my core.

They are made quite well and hold up well. I used my hydroskins pants in a swift water rescue course this summer just to keep me from getting beat up on the rocks. They hold up well, but if you do have a problem, NRS customer service is the best.